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Concrete Contractors San Francisco offers award-winning solutions specializing in shotcrete, epoxy injection, spray-applied waterproofing, fiber-wrap reinforcement systems, and mobile-mixed concrete. 

The harder a task is, the trickier we try to provide actual solutions along with state-of-the-art products. Our concrete design staff consists of extremely qualified, experienced designers and estimators who work diligently to reduce issues and ensure we remain on schedule. We’re a single source for most applications of concrete formwork with all of the resources available in-house.

We are one of the largest concrete providers in San Francisco.  You can rely on our highly experienced crews being trained in all elements of job site safety. For additional convenience, we have and use reliable trucking, which focuses on construction hauling. In case you require expertise on any facet of concrete, Concrete Contractors San Francisco is here to help.

Our mission is to bring quality concrete, unique experience, and expertise to every task. We continue upgrading and grow facilities to better perform the growing concrete polishing San Francisco industry for our customers. For any construction project, please call us for more information about our business concrete contractor services.

concrete contractors san francisco
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San Francisco Concrete Slab

You will find numerous variants of concrete slabs concerning the intent behind the San Francisco Concrete slab. Below are the three kinds of concrete foundations.


  • Frost Protected – This process works well with a heated structure. The insulation can retain the heat outside the structure, inside the soil, underneath the footings, and heat loss from the slab.
  • Slab-on-grade foundation – A slab is a single level of concrete, many inches thick. A slab-on-grade foundation is ideal in places where the soil does not freeze, though it can be installed with insulation to inhibit your foundation from being impacted by the frost heaves.
  • T-Shaped – A conventional foundation technique to support a structure within a defined space in which the ground freezes.

Concrete slabs are used to help everything from patio furnishings to foot visitors to semi-trailer trucks. A slab pour demands adequate preparation; therefore, many of the components that go into creating a high-quality slab are completed on time (before the concrete sets) and carried out correctly. Neglecting this critical action can lead to serious slab settlement and cracking troubles, particularly in slabs positioned on very poor subsoil or even subjected to heavy traffic problems. Figuring out the right concrete mix style and reinforcement needs for the anticipated slab coverage and traffic conditions is essential. Proper support and positioning of wire reinforcement are likewise essential to manage and reduce cracking. After concrete placement, you have a whole new range of problems to address, like appropriate spacing and placement of adequate curing and control joints. Concrete that is moist cured for a minimum of seven days is approximately 50 % stronger compared to uncured concrete. When installed correctly, concrete is among the most durable and longer-lasting products you can use around your house. Long-lasting, high power, and break-resistant concrete don’t happen by accident.