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Concrete Contractors San Francisco believe in quality that can’t be compromised. Concrete Contractors San Francisco provides a variety of business services, and pride ourselves on providing our clients with the resources and experience to finish every task successfully. Our far-reaching services benefit diverse clients, the tech industry, healthcare facilities, educational structures, government buildings, co-ops, credit unions, banks, schools, airports, and industrial projects.


For more than three decades, we have been offering construction contracting, repairs, and renovations for the industrial and commercial building must-have. Being recognized for Service and Excellence, we rely on simple construction solutions and continuously look for cost-effective, eco-friendly options for every one of the construction services we offer.


We regulate the construction procedure from conception to distribution and beyond, keeping the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship. We devote ourselves to servicing and understanding our customers’ requirements and offering them the highest building value for their cash.

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San Francisco Concrete

San Francisco Concrete specializes in the following:

Agriculture – Expo Buildings, Climate Controlled Facilities, Barns, Equestrian Facilities, and Storage Buildings.

Industrial – Clean Energy Facilities, Power Plants, and Kilns

Wineries – Tasting Rooms, Storage and Retail Space

Storage Center – Warehousing, and Distribution Centers

Construction for Retail – Commercial Office Space, Strip Mall Development, Local and National Retail Chain Construction

Data Centers – Cleanroom facility, computing storage

Concrete resurfacing is a technique to make broken or even dated concrete appear brand new once again. A concrete coating is used over the existing surface, providing a bunch of color, texture, and design choices. This kind of decorative refinishing is often performed on driveways, patios, swimming pool decks, and indoor floors.

If your concrete is within a condition that is good but simply requires a facelift, you can also stencil, stain, or even engrave it to enhance the look. Below, we let you know all you have to learn about restoring existing concrete, application techniques, including procedures, along with beautiful choices.

What’s A Suitable Surface Being RESURFACED?

Small plastic shrinkage cracks or crazing cracks may be protected by the polymer primer base and coat of the resurfacing materials. Larger cracks should be fixed immediately.

At any rate, the underlying concrete for any resurfacing project has to be good. It’s impossible to resurface concrete which is heaving, has severe cracks or is destroyed because of freeze/ thaw damage. Resurfacing won’t fix underlying soil problems.

You will find an assortment of decorative overlay choices to conceal concrete driveways, parking areas, patios, pool decks, along with virtually every other concrete surface.

Probably the most crucial element when dealing with concrete with an overlay is preparing the substrate properly. Overlays are designed to adhere tenaciously to pre-existing concrete. However, they will need to have a clean, good base to understand. That is precisely why overlooking the prep for the job or not performing the job thoroughly is probably the most frequent reason for overlay delamination and disappointment.

Using a machine that mechanically abrades the concrete, like a grinder or maybe shot blaster, is one of the more useful methods to make concrete substrates for resurfacing. This gear not only eliminates most contaminants plus unsound concrete, but it will also leave behind a roughened covering profile.